BR 30 LED Bulb 14W


Optimized for superior performance where quality of light is important.

Achieves up to 79 lumens per watt

Superior energy savings.

Installed in existing E26 lamp bases



The R/BR Shaped LED family of products utilizes Nichia High Efficacy LEDS optimized for superior perfromance where quality of lighting is important in residential & commercial spaces for purposes of general lighting,accent or track lighting.

Suitable for new and retrofit installations requiring superior lighting and energy savings.

Optimized with Nichia High Luminous High Efficacy

Delivers up to 1200 Lumens.

Input power: 7w, 12w, 16w

colour temerature of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

colour rendering 80 plus

Designed to last 25,000 hours plus

Environmental: Br20, BR30, BR40 rated for wet locations and R20 rated for damp locations.