6 Inch LED Strip Light , Double ended SCC-S15 Caps

4W LED Striplight is a direct replacement for a 60W striplight.
uses 93% less watts
lasts 20,000 hours.
emits 280 Lumens of 3000k warm white light
energy-rated ‘A’
CRI score: 80
Opal finish
Double ended SCC-S15 Caps



Emitting 280 Lumens of 3000k warm light, the output of the 4w LED Striplight has a relaxinbg, comfortable quality ideal for hospitality or residential environments.

This “A” energy rated luminaire also offers high quality colour rendering with a CRI 80 score, and with the opal finish fo its glass it automatically minimizes glare and produces a softened, dispersed light. connection is achieved by its double ended SCC-S15 caps.

Diameter: 28mm

This 4w LED striplight is a direct replacement for a 60w standard striplight, using 93% less watts and lasting 20,000 hours.
This is tyically used for accent, under cabinet and vanity lighting.