1 Foot, 5 Watt T8 LED Tube, Pure White LED Tube


1 foot T8 LED tube lights, Pure White T8 LED Tube, 100V~240V AC Input, 5W. This LED T8 tube light can be directly placed in conventional T8 fluorescent brackets (remove ballast and starter before replacement).


1. Protecting eyes, no flash, no glare and no ultraviolet.
2. Start immediately after pressing the switching button.
3. Meets the standard of CE certification and RoHs certification.
4. Use the high quality aluminum PCB for LED’s better heat dissipation.
5. High-grade PC cover with nice light transmittance (> 90%).
6. 70% energy-saving compared with traditional fluorescent tube, emit less heat.
7. Long life, up to 30000 hours.


1. Office
2. Factories
3. Restaurants and hotels
4. Shops
5. Parking lot
6. Schools, Colleges & Universities
7. Hospitals
8. Specialty lighting signs and emergency exit signs requiring tubes

More Information:
1. Round and elliptical tube are available.
2. Transparent PC cover and frosted PC cover are available.
3. Ambient temperature: -20° C-40° C, surface temperature: 42° C-45° C.