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Priority Client Energy Consulting Services

For a monthly or annual fee we will help your company and team stay on top of your energy needs and analysis in the complex ever changing energy market.

Service 1. Contract & Procurement Solutions

We’ve saved each of our clients hundreds-of-thousands of dollars since 2009. Energy Deregulation has made energy speculators of us all. Whether you decide to lock into a fixed price contract or stay on the open market, you are at risk. The price goes up, remains stable or goes down. Either way, you can lose in this market by making the wrong decision. We review our members energy situations free-of-charge. whether you’re purchasing your Natural Gas and/or Electricity direct or from a third party retailer. We will help you to understand the billing and make the right choice. Deregulation was designed to create a competitive energy market with contracts that make sense to your business. Having Enerintel on your team helps you make better energy decisions. We work for you not the retailer. Energy Intelligence really does give you power over your power!

Service 2. Energy Lighting & Retrofit Solutions

Our clients are cutting Lighting cost by up to and over 70% – Our Lighting division focuses on providing members with energy savings on electricity. Electricity costs are continuously on the rise, and are expected to increase by 300% in the near future. Most current lighting fixtures are made of Fluorescent T12, T8, T5, Metal Halide and other inefficient sources. This has sparked an immense pressure for the Government and OPA to reduce the demand. At EnerIntel we’ve addressed the World Market on lighting solutions, and have created direct relationships with quality domestic and international manufactures. This direct-to-factory purchasing enables us to bring cost effective, state-of-the-art LED and fluorescent solutions to our clients. Our team of International Designers and Planners will assess and design a solution specifically to your company’s current and future plans.

Whether you are a start up projector an established company wanting a more efficient lighting system, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our Turnkey approach will take your thoughts and vision from planning and budgeting to simulation drawings and fruition. We handle all the government incentive rebates, installation, disposal and quality control. Our Easy Finance and Leasing solutions make it easy to get started, and even easier on your cash flow. Monthly savings usually outweigh the cost of your lighting project. Most returns on your investment are less than five years, many within the first year. The added bonus of proper lighting is safety, and of course, upgrading the overall appearance of your business. Your clients will see you in a whole new Light!

Service 3. Energy Efficiency Solutions 

It’s like having an EKG on your business operations. Members receive a “FREE” annual evaluation. Our goal is to impliment a system on the operations of Members facilities that would monitor and report the heartbeat of a company’s energy. Just like it does for our bodies on our personal medical physicals. Our experienced partners didn’t let us down. With our collective vision, they produced a metering and monitoring system that puts a meter on all aspects of energy from the main control panel to every piece of machinery in your plant. This includes electricity, gas, water, HVAC, generators and boilers. The results are astronomical savings on your energy and, more importantly, preventative maintenance. This extraordinary intelligence can save hundreds-of-thousands in preventative downtime that can result from unexpected engine and equipment failure.

Service 4. Business Funding and Leasing Solutions

We created Our Enerintel Business Funding Program to help our clients embrace alternative funding from traditional lending sources such as banks that are becoming increasing difficult and skeptical sources of funding. There are many benefits to using Leasing and Funding Program, including relief from existing bank lines and credit sources. The lease is collateralized on equipment owned or leased. Our unique lease program can be amortized from 24 to 84 months with a ten-dollar buyout. This lease-to-own option makes it easy to budget projects that can provide more efficient equipment, and allow your business to pursue competitive upgrades and equipment that improves your operations and finances. Although our Leasing Program is designed to help you with our Enerintel projects of Lighting, Efficiency and Alternative Energy Solutions, we’re more than willing to help with all your equipment and business needs including refinancing of existing unencumbered equipment and renovations. Business Funding takes our lending program to another level by assisting members business’s in other types of funding. From Joint Venture Capital, Mergers and Acquisitions to Retirement Exit Planning.