EnerINTEL  is pivoting its focus to the COVID 19 Pandemic

As Countries are scrambling to convert manufacturers to domestically produce mask, ventilators and other Personal Protection Products (PPE) we must recognize the urgency and volumes required to supply the demand of this Covid 19 Pandemic. Therefore we must not rule out the vast capabilities of China to supply affordable quality and approved solutions. This is why I have directed our resources and trusted suppliers to provide PPE solutions to accommodate the global demand.


As the CEO and Founder of EnerIntel, LTD., a 13-year-old Canadian based corporation with offices in Canada, USA and the UK, specializing and consulting in alternative and efficiency energy solutions, and suppliers of energy saving products.


Due to our years-long relationship with our manufacturing Partners in China, we have been able to secure access to immediate supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including clothing, masks, gloves, and test kits, among other items, to help mitigate the crisis of lack of PPE needed during the Covid-19 global pandemic.


Our manufacturing Partners are reliable and trusted over the past 13 years. Pricing is competitive and meant to be an offer of support in these very troubled times. Shipping can be done within 4 – 7 days from date of purchase order, and our PPE products are internationally certified and can be verified. Our manufactures can produce vast affordable seven figure numbers quickly.

Please contact me if you can provide me the proper information of whom to contact directly so that my team can prepare a proposal and offer.


We at EnerIntel are committed to be of service and to do our share to help in this global crisis. Please send me the information as soon as possible.


Thanking you in advance,

Phil Ross






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