Enerintel International

Today’s energy solutions are a global concern, and a global solution is required to stay abreast of new quality energy saving technology.

There can be no disputing the fact that Europe has led the way in energy saving technology. This was brought about by years of high-energy costs, as much as triple the North American rates. North America has enjoyed the benefit of abundant energy supply, which has helped keep prices manageable, and in some markets subsidized by our Governments.

We at Enerintel recognize the need for Quality, Innovative, Efficient and competitively priced products.

Our team includes international buyers and designers who are shopping for the World’s best products to serve our clients. Our suppliers are both domestic and international. Giving you the choice to select the product and design best suited for your needs.

Our quality control and lab testing is focused on sourcing and testing the products offered before they are installed. Our followup service and warranties are positioned to earn and maintain you as a client for years to come. EnerIntels International Team is committed to delivering the best-designed quality products, priced to please your budget with a warranty and service policy to satisfy your long-term expectations. Our qualified Mechanical Contracting Team will backup our stellar product line with quality installation and post-sales service, to minimize lighting downtime and maximize customer satisfaction. As with all our services, Enerintel provides free initial consultation. Including presentations, quotes, simulations and specifications to ensure the proper lighting solutions are realized. (Re-designing and repositioning analysis may incur extra fees but for companies that have grown may result in even greater energy usage and cost reductions).

At EnerIntel International, our mission is to combine the latest technology and design with competitive pricing & energy efficiency.