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Saving Corporations up to and over 70% on energy requires reviewing all areas of business operations. From the correct purchasing of Electricity and Natural Gas, to Water and Waste management. Our Lighting Division focuses on energy savings for electricity.

Service costs are constantly rising, and expected to increase by 300% in the very near future. Most current lighting fixtures are made of Fluorescent T12, T8, T5, Metal Halide and other inefficient sources. This has sparked an immense pressure for the Government and Power Associations  to reduce the demand.

lightPower authorities are actively encouraging business and household consumers to reduce energy consumption and become energy smart and efficient. Although their incentives are enticing and welcomed, they’re not the only reason why smart companies are changing to more efficient lighting. The main benefit is cutting lighting cost by up to and over 70%, plus additional maintenance cost savings.

At EnerIntel we have assessed and addressed the World Market on lighting solutions. We’ve created direct relationships with quality domestic and international manufactures. Enabling us to bring cost-effective state-of-the-art LED, induction and fluorescent solutions to our clients. All are DLC, UCL, EnerStar approved products for the North American market.

Our team of International Designers and Planners will assess and design a solution tailored to your companies current and future plans. Whether you’re a start-up project or an established business interested in a more efficient lighting system, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals! We take pride in our Turnkey approach. We’ll handle all the incentive rebates, installation, disposal and quality control.

Our Finance and Leasing solutions make it easy to get started and even easier on your cash flow. Monthly savings will usually outweigh the cost of your lighting project, and most returns on the investment are less than five years, many within the first year!

The added bonus of proper lighting is SAFETY and, of course, upgrading the overall appearance of your business.

Your clients will see you in a whole new Light!