Iphone-Ipadmini-EIMS-RF3Energy Intelligence Means …knowing your Energy Performance!

We put an EKG on your Energy Vital Points

As we’ve ventured down our journey on helping many companies each save hundreds-of-thousand on energy procurement, we decided to take our Energy Savings mandate even further. We wanted to prove our savings for our own validation and to our clients. We sourced partnering companies and gave them the task of helping us create a system for monitoring and tracking overall energy consumption of operations. Our vision was to put an EKG on the operations of our client’s facilities that would monitor and report the heartbeat of a company’s energy. Just like it does for our bodies during medical examinations. Our experienced partners didn’t let us down. With our collective vision they produced a metering and monitoring system that essentially puts a meter on all aspects of energy from the main control panel, to every piece of machinery in your plant. This includes electricity, gas, water, HVAC, generators and boilers. The results are astronomical savings on energy and, more importantly, preventative maintenance. Reducing downtime from unexpected engine and equipment failures. Our Monitoring Dashboards are set up at various levels of accountability, from the production line to the various levels of management. The dashboard works on cloud technology. Allowing clients to access it anytime from anywhere on the planet via their computer or smartphone.effeciency Our Energy Efficient Systems can be implemented at any stage of your companies development. This allows organizations to grow financially and technologically at their comfort level. EnerINTEL is all about ENERGY Intelligence! Our Energy Efficiency System is our way of Giving You Power Over Your Power with proven accountability. In the future all companies will have this technology.

Companies that embrace energy intelligence create a market edge by partnering with EnerIntel.