enerintel-contractThe BEST TIME to talk to us is BEFORE you sign a contract! It could save you thousands and educate your team.

Now, we also help corporations evaluate price-protecting futures on Natural Gas and Electricity by providing Commercial Competitive Rates and Contracts that make sense!

We’re helping to make deregulation work by leveling the playing field!

Corporate consumers that use more than 50,000 kWh of electricity and 50,000 M3 of natural gas are considered “Sophisticated Consumers”, and have NO protection or recourse. But we are here to help!

The majority of corporations on contracts are paying too much for their electricity and natural gas. Since April 2009, we’ve surveyed over 500 corporations. All have overpaid market price for their gas and hydro.

Deregulation was not intended to be more expensive for gas and electricity.

Don’t be a victim of Energy Contracts that are no longer competitive, and have clauses that are constantly changing to benefit the re-seller.