Energy is the largest business in the world.

Every part of our lives depend on it.

North America is the largest producer and the largest consumer of Energy.

Conventional sources of energy from fossil fuels are rapidly being phased out, replaced by cleaner more efficient means of fueling our planet. Coal mines are the largest producers and are being mandated to meet clean air requirements by early 2015 or face legislative forced closure. Oil is in decreasing supply with rising costs and is still making us reliant on unstable foreign markets. This creates a massive requirement for alternative energy solutions.

Energy boards and Governments are pressured to reduce energy consumption and many are offering incentives and rebates to help corporations cut energy usage in Electricity and Natural Gas.

Our turnkey process takes care of our projects from analysis to finish including applications for incentives, installation, project tracking and tracking and delivery of rebates and incentives. We do it all so your team can focus on your business and productivity.


Natural Gas has become a preferred solution in North America because of its cleaner air contribution and the abundance of supply. For the time being, this has proven to stabilize the price of Natural Gas. However, there is still plenty of environmental concern towards the way the natural gas is extracted through a “fracking” method that has a high methane gas concentration and other environmental concerns.


Solar, once the ideal solution, is proving to be an expensive alternative. This is because of the large footprint necessary to gather sufficient energy and also because it’s climate sensitive. Recently, our government offers for wind and solar energy users to purchase their supply from wind and solar projects. Making the return on investment lengthy and financially unfeasible. Currently, the opportunity to install solar energy for personal use is also expensive. The return on investment is financially challenging for most households. As electricity prices rise and the cost of equipment decrease, solar energy is expected to become a more attractive energy alternative.


Wind has become just as controversial as solar. It requires a smaller foot print, yet is still somewhat climate sensitive. Wind power is receiving complaints by people who report the subtle humming noise to be psychologically intrusive. Some people are even concerned about the effect on birds. Both solar and wind take up fertile farmland, again making it a challenging alternative for many.


Geo Thermal Heat Pumps may become one of the most efficient solutions of alternative energy as it requires little above ground footprint and utilizes the heat of the earth to power generators that heat and cool homes and businesses. Again the cost versus gain is something that is holding many back.


EnerINTEL and its team are working hard at evaluating all Alternative Energy Solutions and incentives that will increase the viability for our clients. We can assure you, with our fingers on the pulse, that we’ll bring Affordable Alternative Energy Solutions to you as they become viable alternative energy solutions.

EnerINTEL. Always on the lookout for Affordable Alternative Energy Solutions.