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Our company EnerINTEL has been successful in helping clients get out of bad contracts over the past two years. We are committed to continuing to do so. If you are a company who has entered into a contract or agreement or considering doing so in any areas of energy: All inquiries are confidential | CALL US FOR A FREE EVALUATION.



We are in the energy consulting business!energy-efficiancy5.jpg

Our company EnerINTEL has been successful in helping clients resolve upside down electricity and Natural Gas  contracts over the past several years. We are committed to continuing to do so. Because of our success, the industry has taken notice and is changing! Most important – and very significant to our company and our ability to serve our clients – the industry is coming to us with great commercial gas and electricity prices and contracts. We now can recommend clients not in energy contracts extremely competitive rate protected products with great client-friendly contracts. Going forward- we realise saving companies and providing services on their contracts while other areas of their energy usage  needed attention stopping bleeding of  financial resources. Since we are already serving our clients it made good sense that we covered all corners of energy and support.

Reason We Exist

The Reason Why WE Exist !

energy 2 Energy deregulation promised benefits that in time – with government commitment and follow-through – would serve Corporations by providing competition and possible price advantages through contracts with third party retailers. Unfortunately, little to none of this has happened. EnerINTEL is a team of energy specialists that assist Corporations in re-evaluating, renegotiating, and if desired, exiting their energy contracts. We assess your existing energy contracts or offers, and determine your best options. Many customers are paying significantly higher rates – double and in many cases, triple open market prices. We do not represent energy retailers, utilities, or suppliers. We work for you, our client. In 2009, the average price for electricity was under 4 cents. Today, most contracts are averaging 9 cents or higher. As of May, 2012, the price for natural gas is just over 8 cents, while many contracts are at 25 cents, with some as high as .44 cents per M3. (cubic meter) Since deregulation, resellers have sold thousands of contracts to individuals and corporations. In 2013 we have expanded our services to cover all four corners of energy. Our team will do a complete evaluation of your energy situation and give your executive team the information and solutions to maximize your energy efficiency and intelligence. Utilizing EnerINTEL equipement your company will have measurable tools and software to be on top of instant on- time energy intelligence which can be converted to energy savings.

What We Do

We are in the energy contract consulting business!

energy-efficiancy2EnerINTEL was founded in April 2009 after discovering a need for larger corporations known as “sophisticated buyers” to understand their energy agreements and to evaluate and take action to rectify excessive energy cost. Electricity and Natural Gas, in our opinion and certainly the leaders of corporations, is an essential component of operations. We all need it and therefore should not be paying more than we need to. We found that all companies were paying 2 to 3 times the open market price for these essential products. So we decided to investigate what help was available and there was none, other than “call your lawyer” so with an understanding of the industry we founded and tested our services with huge success. To – date we have evaluated hundreds and helped over 200 companies change their energy situation. We continue to do so on a daily bases. Our services have evolved over the past three years to include basic retainer set up to help companies avoid making continued serious mistakes and keep on top of this changing industry and to evaluate offers as well as negotiate and if necessary exit unsatisfactory contract situations. Our fees are based on a percentage of savings. Energy Deregulation can work for companies if the numbers and the agreements are in sync with fair market prices and contracts that make sense for the retailers and the corporations. We welcome the opportunity to represent you and your company for years to come. Call us for a free evaluation. It will be well worth the 15 minutes it takes us to provide you with a clear picture of your energy situation and how you can capitalize on having EnerINTEL on your team. Phil Ross President and Founder 905.999.0944

EnerINTEL | Non Disclosure

EnerINTEL is committed to mutual Non Disclosure and confidentiality agreements with our corporate clients. There are many reasons for this but perhaps the most important is to keep their company, staff and officials names out of reach of energy resellers. New prospective clients requiring referrals will be accommodated after existing clients have been informed and introduced with permission by our clients.

 Phil Ross | CEO & Founder Enerintel